Please make sure your seats and table trays are in the

upright position and your seat belts are fastened. 

Here come Bucky & GiGi!!

The Bucky & GiGi Show

Using physical comedy, circus skills, mime, magic, improvisation, and audience participation, these two characters provide all the fun for a fast-paced 45 minute show.  Family audiences around the world have been entertained and amused by their antics since they started their performing career together with The Greatest Show on Earth.




“Your show was fun and fuuunnnny!!  All of the children loved it! Thank you for sharing your time and talents with the children of St. Joseph’s Hospital.


- Giggles Children’s Theatre



“Chris and Gina are true professionals that have a love for their craft which is evident in everything they do”. 


-Michelle Genuario—Chapel Street School



“Bucky & GiGi are professional while still having fun.  They clearly love what they do and it shows.  They are very passionate about their work and it comes through loud and clear to those that matter most, the children.  We love having them at our school and look forward to many more years with them in the future!”


Michele Garaffa—Vanderbilt Elementary School



“How does one gush enough about their most popular show?  The Bucky & GiGi show is downright hilarious.  The kids absolutely love them, the grown-ups giggle and clap and laugh out loud with delight right along with them.  You don’t have to do a field trip to get this kind of quality entertainment, they bring the show to your event or space.”


Jane Beller—Program Coordinator

Croton Free Library


When I Grow Up

With his “When I Grow Up” show, Chris Allison enters the scene dressed in his everyday plain clothes.  The children will start by guessing what Chris wanted to be when he grew up. As he transforms into performer “Bucky the Clown,” the children will laugh and learn about clowns, the circus, and Chris’s childhood dream of becoming a performer with the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.  And now “Bucky the Clown” is complete and he is ready to perform.


This show is extremely effective for younger audiences (Pre-K through 2nd grade), as seeing and experiencing the process of Chris becoming a clown right before their very eyes allows them to understand that clowns are really people underneath all the makeup and funny clothes, and their jobs are careers just like anyone else who works in an office building or a school…we just wear different uniforms!


This show may also be performed with partner GiGi.

This show comes complete with sound system and two headset microphones.


It’s Circus… It’s Science

This two person show will explore the “science of the circus” and help students familiarize themselves with scientific concepts (laws and principles of physics such as balance, gravity, momentum, centrifugal force, motion, and more) that are brought to life by our talented staff of clowns. They will be using juggling, ball spinning, unicycling, human pyramid building, and a variety of other fun circus skills to illustrate what lies behind the “science” of circus movement. “It’s Circus…It’s Science” helps students familiarize themselves with scientific concepts first-hand in a fun and funny environment.


This show comes complete with sound system and two headset microphones.



Mrs. Claus and the Two Troublesome Elves

It’s story time with Mrs. Claus.

Just as Mrs. Claus comes in, meets all the children, starts to get settled in to read “T’was The Night Before Christmas,” the mayhem begins.  The audience meets Bucky the Bad Elf and his cohort GiGi.  These are the North Pole’s two most mischievous elves.


If anyone can get Mrs. Claus flustered, it’s Bucky and GiGi as they are constantly interrupting her story with their mimicry, antics, and circus tricks. The children love the chaos these two mischievous elves create, and it just seems to “snowball” as the dear Mrs. Claus tries to read.


All ends well as Mrs. Claus finds out that the only thing these two elves really want is to read the ending of the story with her and participate with the children…”Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.”


For an additional fee, you may have Frosty make an appearance in the middle of the show while audience members and Mrs. Claus sing, “Frosty the Snowman.”





Kids from ages 5 – 105 feel a great sense of achievement as they are challenged with age-old circus skills.  We want you to use your imagination and be creative on this circus journey, as well as learn a few unique skills along the way.  Most of all, we want you to have fun in a safe and non – competitive environment. 


Workshops may include: Balancing (peacock feathers, juggling scarves, balls, rings, and clubs), plate spinning, Chinese carpet spinning, spinning ropes, Chinese Yo Yo’s (also known as the Diabolo), Devil Sticks, Clowning, and Stilt Walking.


Face Painting

You provide the canvas and GiGi will transform faces into beautiful butterflies, awesome superheroes, wild animals and more in 2 – 5 minutes.  All face paints are water base, non toxic, and hypo-allergenic.


Glitter Tattoo Body Art

This is a perfect activity for those who are “too cool for school.”  These non toxic tattoos are as realistic as it gets without being the real thing.  Glitter Tattoos are non toxic and are ideal for events near water activities as they are waterproof and will last 3 – 7 days.



Balloon Sculptures

Bucky and GiGi will turn latex and air into princess crowns, Martian antennae, flower bracelets, butterfly wings, and a whole lot more!


Improv Comedy

Let us loose at your event and we’ll bring our brand of fun for all to enjoy. Improv Comedy is a great way to include party goers in the fun, excitement and spontaneity.  You may wish to be part of the zany antics, learn how to ride one of the world’s tiniest bikes (we rode this on The David Letterman Show), or even join in on some very interactive partner juggling…you decide!



Stilt Walking

Adds a dimension of “funtabulous” to any event.  We will happily theme out our costuming to coincide with your event!  Weather you need a tall waiter for a wine tasting or someone ready to bring in the fun for a white party…we’re there!

Bucky & GiGi